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Our Testimony
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Since GOD used us to write our title song for our new CD,"Mommy I Saw Angels",we have heard many beautiful testimonies of miracles and angels.Our son Derek, inspired this song. When he was born we noticedlittle marks on his eyes and nose and a big mark across his littleback. Our doctor told us they were called angels kisses. So wehave always told him he has been kissed by the angels. We neverrealized until two years ago just how true that statement wasgoing to be. Derek developed breathing problems around 3 monthsold. They found that Derek had asthma. They were going to dosome futher testing on him but he developed RSV (a very serious
lung infection) and by the time we got to the emergency room his
bronical tubes were swallowen to the size of an ink pen dot.
He was hospitazed with a 50% -50% chance of making it. They
also ran a sweat chloride test on him and it came back positive.
He was released from one hospital and sent to another hospital to
confirm the first test. It too came out positive. Our son had cystic
fibrosis. But GOD had spared his life.While in the hospital, there
was a sweet little black lady that always did all of Derek's
breathening treatments and precussion. When we finally got ready
to leave the hospital with Derek, this wonderful black nurse asked
that if we ever got back up there to stop in because she wanted to
see Derek again. So we told her we would and she wrapped Derek
in a little hospital quilt and bought him ballons and carried him out
ot our car, tears streaming down her face. We went back to the
hospital 2 weeks later for a checkup on Derek and stopped in at
respiratory to see her. No one knew who we were talking about.
They even tried to pull Derek's charts to get her name and there
were no charts to be found. We told them she was a sub and they
told us they hadn't had any subs in over 6 months. We went to the
pediatric ward and talked to the nurses that were on duty when
she was there taking care of Derek and not one of them
remembered her. This was the first of Dereks angels. We believe
that she was there that day, looking down at our son that she so
loving cared for. And I believe that tears of joy filled her eyes as
she saw him safe and sound. There is no cure for Cystic Fibrosis,
the only cure is JESUS CHRIST. And we are blessed to be the
parents of GOD's special little child. Oh how blessed we are that
GOD would chose us to care for Derek.
Well anyway to try to keep this fairly short let me skip ahead now
to Derek, when he was 6 years old. Derek snuck into our bedroom
one night around Christmas time and went to sleep. In the
morning when he woke up he said, "Mommy I saw angels in the
bedroom last night". We of course thought he was dreaming or
something. So we started asking him questions about the angels.
We asked him what they looked like and he said ,"mommy they
in robes of white but didn't have wings like regular angels in the
pictures do." So then we asked him if he knew who they were. Not
expecting to hear he what said. He said,"oh yes mommy! I know
exactly who they were." "It was my Grandma Beeks and my
Grandpa Moore." That really caught us off guard, because Derek
has never seen his Grandma Beeks, she died before he was born,
and his Grandpa Moore had just past away. But Derek had never
really seen him either as grandpa was really sick. So we asked
him exactly what they looked like and he described them
perfectly. Then we asked him if they talked to him and he
said,"yes mommy, grandma Beeks talked to me and she said
that I was going to die and they were going to come and carry me
into the arms of JESUS and I wouldn't hurt anymore." After
hearing that we frankly dropped the whole subject. We didn't want
to hear anymore. The thought of losing our son was more than we
could bear. We didn't talk much about it after that, until Nov. 5th of
2001. On November the 1st I had been praying for GOD to give me
a song to write. I hadn't written anything in a long time and I love
to write songs. Some words came into my head and I argued with
GOD that I wasn't writing them down because I didn't like what
they said. After about a half an hour of arguing with GOD about it,
I heard Him say to me, Diane, you asked me for a song, I'm given
you one, now write it down. I knew at that very moment if I didn't
write it down I'd never write again. So I grabbed my little white
"touched by an angel" journal and wrote down the words He gave
me. I was so mad when I got done that I tossed my journal across
the livingroom. Derek came out and asked me if he could watch a
"touched by an angel" movie and so I said ok. The one he put in
almost knocked me to the floor. It was the 100 episode and it was
about a little boy named Petey, who was born with cystic fibrosis.
Petey knew he was going to die and so he made a list of things
he wanted to do before he died. One of the things on he list was to
help his mom finish a song she had started when he was born. I
just kept saying to myself, GOD I can't finish this song. What
happens if I finish and Derek dies? I can't handle that Lord. Well I
think GOD knew I couldn't finish it alone and He knew my heart.
So 5 days later my husband came in from work and honey you
got to hear this, but before I play this I have to tell you that I
argued with GOD for an hour that I didn't like what this said and I
wasn't going to write it. I started to write it down but I changed
what it said and made it different. So as he played what he had
written down, my mouth almost hit the floor. I said,"wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute." I said, "play that again" and
grabbing my journal I told him to go into wait I had written there. It
went together perfectly. I had been given the chorus to the song
five days before GOD gave my husband the first verse. That night
we sat down and started asking Derek questions about the angels
again. I asked Derek, "what should the next verse say" and he
looked at me and said, "Mommy it needs to say ,Daddy I don't
want to die." I picked up the first paper my husband had started to
write on and the line he marked out and changed said "Daddy I
don't want to die".I told my husband I said," no matter what we
have to write it." So that night we finished the song. And GOD has
blessed us in many ways since we recorded this song. Derek is
still with us, although he was hospitalized for a while in November
and his lung functions are down right now. But he is still fighting
the battle against this disease. But Derek loves the Lord with all
his heart. He is a living and breathing testimony for JESUS
CHRIST. You know we don't know why GOD gave Derek a vision
of the angels and we are not saying that his grandparents are
angels. I do believe that GOD sent His angels in a form that
wouldn't scared Derek. Maybe GOD was preparing us for and
Derek for something that will happen soon or maybe later, or
maybe it was all for the writing of this song, in hopes of touching
hearts and lives with it. We just can't say. We what we can say is
that GOD knows why and that if you don't know JESUS as your
Savior, you can know Him today. All you have to do is believe that
JESUS died for your sins, and that He is able and willing to forgive
you if you just ask. All you have to say is Lord I am a sinner in
need of a Savior. I believe you died for my sins and I ask you now
Lord to cleanse me from my sins, come into my heart and help
me to be who You would have me to be Lord. I thank you for
saving me, In JESUS Name AMEN! If you prayed that prayer or
have any questions or comments, please let us know by emailing
us at or The Collins Family 1063 North Jackson
Street Andrews, Indiana 46702. For more information on Cystic
Fibrosis, you can visit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation online at, or call information for the chapter in your area.
Love and Prayers,
The Collins Family


This Is Our 8 Year Old Son Derek
He is the inspiration for our title song
"Mommy I Saw Angels"


As you can tell Derek is a football nut.

Derek has Cystic Fibrosis and Praise God he's doing very well.To support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Click the link below

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation